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Our family

“We’ve built this school for our little girl—we want her to have a GREAT education.”

Our Head of School, Stephan Maric, lives in West Hartford with his family. He chose to open the school because of the love he has for his daughter. He says, “I want her to grow up in a place where she can learn to master the arts of the past and the sciences of the future. I want her to inherit an education.”

Stephan maric

Head of School
Mr. Stephan has a Masters in Systems Engineering from UConn, and before pursuing education, he worked as an aerospace engineer. He teaches math, physics, and technology/robotics.

Marissa maric

Head Teacher & Director of Curriculum

Ms. Marissa has a B.S. in Business Administration from Babson College, and she worked as the principal of an after school math program for several years. She teaches English, math, and French.

Meet our team

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” —Maya Angelou

Our staff members are more than teachers—they are industry professionals who are disciplined, masterful, diverse, and invested in educating the next generation. MMM’s Director of Curriculum, Marissa Kelly, says, “Our academic program is enriched incredibly by the love and expertise that these professionals bring to school every day. The kids have immense respect for their teachers who draw upon real industry experience to help their students grow.”



WHat our students have to say

"Our school culture is about being respectful, responsible, and focused, but also its about creativity and for a lack of a better word: invention. Besides that, our culture is also about having fun and making friends.
Our culture is important to me since it helps me learn a lot of new things while also having fun and being creative. Our culture makes Mileva Maric Montessouri the best school in the world! "
" I enjoy learning new things and Mileva Maric Montessori gives me to so many opportunities to apply what I've learned in real world situations."
" Our school culture is to be respectful towards others, responsible for our OWN education, focused on our learning, and always expressing our creativity with inventing. I believe our culture can make anybody grow to their full potential. This is why I love Mileva Maric Montessori!"
" Mileva Maric Montessori is an environment where I feel safe and where I can learn new things."

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